Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Deafest/Evergreen Refuge - "Grey Rock, Red Earth" (2013)

Deafest/Evergreen Refuge - "Grey Rock, Red Earth"

Year:  2013
Genre:  Instrumental Black Metal
Country:  USA

Track List:
  1. Deafest - 14,000 Feet
  2. Deafest - Snowmelt and the Buds of Spring
  3. Deafest - Rising From the Ridgeline
  4. Evergreen Refuge - Taking Refuge Among River Valleys
  5. Evergreen Refuge - Beyond the Mountains
  6. Evergreen Refuge - And It Begins Anew...

From Chase of Deafest:  "Deafest and Evergreen Refuge are two instrumental black metal bands from Colorado, USA.  Both play songs that worship the beauty of nature, especially the Rocky Mountains, and reject the ugliness of man-made/urban world.  Though they are influenced by the Cascadian Black Metal style, they seek to define Rocky Mountain Black Metal as a scene in itself.  Since day one, I have tried to keep Deafest music free as a small resistance to the Capitalist world we live in."

I'm not sure I'm able to fully distinguish what makes these two bands musically distinct from Cascadian Black Metal, or at least not distinct enough to warrant another subgenre.  That said, I enjoy both sides of the split.  I think the Deafest side has more cohesiveness and better transistions.  The Evergreen Refuge side seems a little more raw and less polished.  The transitions seem choppy sometimes.  I do think that track 5 is my favorite on the album though.  Fans of Skagos should enjoy this offering, but be aware that it is entirely instrumental.  You can download the entire album in a pay-what-you-want format from either Deafest here or Evergreen Refuge here.