Saturday, June 1, 2013

Stay Here - "Non Mechanical/Hammer Hits My Skull" (2013)

Stay Here - Non-Mechanical/Hammer Hits My Skull 7"

Year: 2013
Genre: Atmospheric Doom/Sludge
Country: Canada 

Track List:
  1. Non-Mechanical 
  2. Hammer Hits My Skull

This is amazing atmospheric doom/sludge from the deep dark wilderness of Ottawa, Ontario.  Well it's not that deep and dark, but this music definitely makes it feel that way.  From the second I played "Non- Mechanical" I was blown away.  The drums that start it off make it feel like it's the start of an epic journey through someplace I can only call mythical.  This album is short,  but it truly makes up for that with beautifully put together songs with vocals that sound like distant screams from within that deep forest the album makes you feel like you are stranded in.  In short,  this album creates an awesome atmosphere and is extremely epic sounding.   Definitely check this band out by either clicking that download link up there or by checking out the Bandcamp!

P.S. It's also worth mentioning that all of the band members either identify as anarchist or autonomist, and their lyrics reflect their political values. -B.K.


  1. Excelente. Muy intenso. batería de tambores tribales que se prepara para la guerra... guitarra que anuncia la batalla, bajo que da profundida. Muy bueno, espero poder escuchar otra cosa pronto.

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