Sunday, May 12, 2013

ConsPiracy & Death Courier - "Sharing the Loot / Immune to Burial" (2013)

CONSPIRACY / DEATH COURIER "Sharing the Loot / Immune to Burial"

Year: 2013 
Genre: Thrash Metal (Conspiracy), Old School Death Metal (Death Courier)
Country: Greece

Track List:

  1. Sharing The Loot
  2. Genoktonia (Stress cover)
Death Courier
  1. Mindwarp
  2. Relics & Ornaments

 Some more stuff from Greece that's definitely worth checking out. Maybe Conspiracy are simply anarcho-friendly and not much more, but Death Courier surely are a 100% anarcho-death metal band (at least according to the info I received), in addition to being one of the first death metal bands that were ever formed in Greece (1987-1993, reunited in 2010) and became known abroad.


  1. Cheers from Greece mate.
    It's Death Courier and not Death Dealer. Friendly , Giak.

    1. Oh yes, thanks for correction. I should never write posts at the middle of the night :/

  2. I can confirm the info regarding Death Courier, here's a flyer from Parartima Squat at Patras together with major greek hardcore act "Naytia/(Nausea) (Grc)"

  3. By the way, ConsPiracy covered Stress on this split. You should check Stress, it's an old greek punk rock band.