Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ceaseless Desolation - "Nicość" (2013)


Year: 2013
Genre: Blackened Crust
Country: Poland

Track List:
  1. Nieustająca Dewastacja / Tyrania Widm
  2. Dwunożna Autodestrukcja
  3. Egzystencjalny Szum
  4. Poroniony Raj
  5. Jutro?
  6. Nicość
  7. Ucieczka
  8. Z Życia Marionetek
  9. Bez Szczęśliwego Zakończenia
  10. Do Zatracenia

Finally, a first full-length album from this Poland-based blackened crustcore band, much better sounding than their debut demo. If I remember all correctly, one of their members was an active RABM supporter from the very beginning (when this blog didn't exist yet), and their ideology is close to anarcho-individualism (Max Stirner's ideas etc.) I think it'd be safe to say they're the best Polish blackened crust so far...


  1. I'm Polish reader of your blogspot since some time. I want to create similar blogspot in polish language. My project will be dealing not only with black metal which is not my fauvorite genre( however I listen it from time to time)but with all leftist/ antifascist/ antiracist music of all genres from all countries where it is created. Could you give some pieces of advice to beginner?
    PS. Sorry for my broken english

    1. Hello,
      first of all, your English is not a problem (mine isn't much better), second: you want to start a project like this - - am I right? What exact kind of advice do you want?

  2. Yeah! I want to create something similar. It's not eactly "advise" I have some question. Sorry if they are look like written by naive teenager but I'm beginner on this matter. First I want to ask: did you need much time and many contacts to make it? I work through barely entire day so I dont know if it is any point of start it. You are receiving music mainly from your readers, don't you? Did you know them before launching this blog? Everyone knows people listening similar music but from the other hand you have such rare demos that sometimes is impossible to find them on YT, and so on. That music sent by readers comes sometimes from very "exotic" countries. It's quite impressive ! Do you listen all received albums from begining to end? How much time you must spend on running blog?

    1. Yes, right now I got my music mostly from my readers, but that wasn't the case in the beginning (when my blog wasn't that popular). Of course, I'm listening to everything I receive, and try to write a more or less detailed review for each album. And yes, it's very time-consuming, so I had to call my readers for help with writing reviews when I started to receive too many demos. Though it might not nesessary be the case with your project, because a Polish-language blog most probably won't have an audience as big as an English language one. For example, I tried to start a Russian-language blog like this one, but it didn't become popular. I think participating in a collective blog like (or more specialized one, like would be more worth your effort, so I'd advice you to search for Polish analogs of such blogs first.