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V/A - "001: Red River Family comp." (2013)

V/A "Red River Family comp."

Year: 2013
Genre: USBM, Black Noise/Lo-Fi, Dark Ambient, Neofolk
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. RAVNBLOD - Lyst
  2. SHUUMA-GORATH - Right to die
  3. BLACK VICE - Desecration of the Seven Gates
  4. SEX CHAMBER - Dark Testament
  5. FALM - Vile Intentions
  6. NECROCAINE - Circle Pit Of Despair
  7. FORM HEALER - Depths of Dejection
  8. MOLLEHOJ - De uendelig skov
  9. FERAL - Moon Rise
  10. VULTUUR - Skogen
  11. THE WAY TO LIGHT - Shard of a beautiful world (pt.1)
  12. WRECCA - Take us away
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A compilation sent to me by my long-time reader and a founder of an one-man raw BM project Ravnblod, based out of Austin (TX):

"Musical themes of the band are Anti-Organized Religion, Anti-Authority, and Nature Influenced. Ravnblod came to be after writing material for Wrecca(still recording first album), there were songs that didn't fit the sound that I wanted for that band, and I did a solo project to still release the material that was written. The name came from old norse war flags that used to have emblems of ravens on them. So in turn the blood is from the war upon the war flags"

The compilation is stylistically diverse, ranging from raw USBM and black noise to acoustic folk and dark ambient. Mostly lo-fi stuff (comparable to "Music Against Humanity, vol.10" compilation), so be prepared. As you could notice, it features an ambient track by Jennifer C. of Møllehøj among the other tracks. Red River Family also have released her first demo (release #003), and Ravnblod/Necrocaine split (#003).

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