Monday, February 11, 2013

Fatal Nostalgia - "Woods of Somnolence" (2012)

FATAL NOSTALGIA "Woods of Somnolence"

Year: 2012 
Genre: Neofolk, Neoclassical
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. To Wander in Nature
  2. Cleansing Waters
  3. Woods of Somnolence
  4. Forlorn Seclusion
  5. Dark World
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"Woods of Somnolence is a brief EP dealing with themes of nature and emotionalism while focusing on a dark folk style of music. The album art is Narcissus by Conda de Satriano, 1893.

 The first album is apolitical, but there is a slight emphasis on nature themes. The Woods of Somnolence EP however, was more inspired by environmental politics/nature in general, even a bit of Paganism. I draw inspiration from green anarchism, primitivism, transcendentalism, and other ecologically inclined politics. Nature is very influential in my life, so I plan for future releases to hopefully have a more obvious theme of nature admiration..."

While this project isn't from Cascadia, the influence of Cascadian BM and neofolk (i.e. projects like Nuwisha) is definitely noticeable on this EP. The author is fan of the Cascadian scene, and extremely supportive of all related ideologies (green anarchism, etc.)

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  1. You can't even comprehend how much I loved this band. This blog is so awesome! Thanks for it!