Monday, February 4, 2013

Baldaraz & Hagalaz & Drukne - "Vinter" (2013)

BALDARAZ / HAGALAZ / DRUKNE "Vinter" (3-way split)

Year: 2013 
Genre: Black/Pagan Metal
Country: Germany / USA

Track List:
  1. Baldaraz - Ozeangewalt
  2. Baldaraz - Stimmen im Wind
  3. Hagalaz - Night
  4. Hagalaz - Native Pagan
  5. Hagalaz - Legend of the Last Vikings
  6. Drukne - The Dusk Shrouded Wayfarer

Release notes:

"Here comes the new dimension of Black Metal, this great Split called "VINTER" and it´s a battlecry against all preacher of oppression, against the modern life and the killing industry! 
On this Split you find 3 awesome bands, at first 2 instrumental sonx from BALDARAZ. They are full of natural power, you feel the winds, the water, the grass and all the elements of Mother Earth.
HAGALAZ the second band comes from germany/bavaria and played 3 sonx here. The HAGALAZ songs are recorded in a small "studio" near the woods of bavaria with a small dictaphone and primitive instruments/equipment, but i like this kind of softly and quiet music. The last band on this great Split called "DRUKNE" and they come from West Lafayette/US and the sound its very raw more as the other bands on this split"

As for my opinion - two instrumental tracks of Baldaraz on this split are the best their material so far. While we all  already know what to expect from Baldaraz and Drukne, I should warn you that Hagalaz have used quite primitive instruments/equipment to record their side of of the split (which is consistent with their ideology, though - all the bands on this split are primitivists/pagans/anarchists).

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