Sunday, January 27, 2013

No Raza - "Misantropia" (2011)

NO RAZA "Misantropia"

Year: 2011 
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Colombia

Track List:
  1. Llovera Sangre En El Barro
  2. Rios De Sangre
  3. Hipocresia
  4. La Marcha
  5. Profetas
+ bonus tracks

No Raza are a death metal band from Colombia whom I find interesting both musically and ideologically (well... if I correctly understood the text on their myspace page, their beliefs are fairly in the spirit of my blog). Colombian metal scene first caught my attention ~3 years ago, when I just have started my blog, and to my surprise, received a lot of feedback from Colombia. Honestly I was amazed by how politically/socially aware their metal scene is (here in the ex-USSR we couldn't even dream about that). By now, I'm getting much less visitors from Colombia than before, but I still remember a lot of cool bands coming from there, No Raza among them. Here's a video for their song "Llovera Sangre En El Barro" (although it isn't the best song on this EP, if you ask me):

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  1. No Raza Is a great band! J.Chick THE KRUDDZ!