Thursday, January 17, 2013

Aokigahara - "Absurd Humans" (2012)

AOKIGAHARA "Absurd Humans"

Year: 2012
Genre: Industrial Noise
Country: Costa Rica

Track List:
  1. Bubbles Of Hate
  2. Guts Of The Golden Dawn
  3. Mental Wall
  4. Blacklouds

Aokigahara is an anti-nazi harsh noise project from Costa Rica, so far released one EP ("Absurd Humans", including two tracks from the earlier demo "14/88 Makes Me Laugh") and a split w/ Bloqueos:

"AOKIGAHARA as a music project was born into Begotten's plans when i did some noise tracks to the split Begotten-Melomana Distorsion, but quickly that split turned more Droned and i left the "Noisy tracks" behind. Then i thought to make a side project, a kind of twin-sister of Begotten so that's the way Aokigahara borned, around November 2012. The original plan to Aokigahara was to make only live performances in underground activities to friends and few people, but, i have seen that the "Noise scene" in Costa Rica is too... "closed-mind"  to the noise perspectives of this project, so i choose to leave the ideas of live performances to the future and to work in some recordings. In this moment Aokigahara is working in a demo split with my other project "Begotten" to be released in the next weeks..."

P.S. It also worth mentioning that according to the mastermind of Aokigahara/Begotten, he really liked Møllehøj's demo.

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  1. I went to this guy's bandcamp and checked out everything when he posted the comment about it a few days ago... it's good stuff!