Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wacky B.O. & Со5отох - split (2012)

WACKY B.O. / СО5ОТОХ "split"

Year: 2012
Genre: Thrashcore, Powerviolence (Wacky B.O.) / Blackened Crust, Grindcore (Со5отох)
Country: Russia (Yakutia)
Label: DestroySounds

Track List:

Wacky B.O.

  1. Труд
  2. Дайте Побольше
  3. Право Выбора
  4. Разве это вам нужно?
  5. Нихуя (Сухой Закон)
  6. Без Сомнения 
  7. Не Пизди
  8. Будущее
  9. Мания Величия
  10. Conform (Siege)
  11. Нихуя (Сухой Закон ) (rmx)
  12. Труд (rmx) 
  1. Смерть
  2. Сир Анныгар
  3. Дойдум
  4. Аллараа Дойдуттан
  5. Y8дэн (Zorka - Бездна)
  6. Айах (Zorka - Пасть)

First off - my apologies for not updating this blog due to illness. As for answering my mail, I'll probably leave it for the new year. And right now - let's begin from posting a split album featuring two bands from Yakutia, one playing raw hardcore/thrashcore, and another one - no less raw blackened crust/grind ("pagan crust" probably would be also applicable, although I don't understand their lyrics). I already posted one demo by an Yakut band (Kun Tahsyyta) here, and I think this split will fit in well too.

To be honest, Wacky B.O. aren't playing anything special (leaving aside their experiments with electronic/dubstep remixes of their songs), but if you want to hear some ugly but honest music describing the realities of life in a small dirty town full of alcoholics at the outskirts of the world, then their side of the split is for you. I am personally more interested in Со5отох, a dark metallic crust band singing mostly in Yakut (except for the first track, "Смерть/Death"). AFAIK, they started as a cover band, but 4 of 6 their tracks on this split are original material (the rest two ones were originally performed by the SPb-based political crust/hardcore legends - Zorka). According to them, they are influenced by Заводь, Омут, Zorka, Distress, E123 and many other ex-USSR crust/hardcore/punk bands. Maybe they aren't impressive musically as their Western counterparts, but nevertheless it's a good reminder that Asian punk isn't limited only to Japanese and/or Indonesian scene.

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