Monday, November 12, 2012

Teenage Suicide - "Volume One" (2012)


Year: 2012
Genre: Blackened Hardcore/Grind
Country: Brazil 

Track List:
  1. High morals
  2. The new people
  3. Negative youth
  4. Reappropriating violence
  5. Armed forces
  6. Against normativity
  7. Social anxiety blues
  8. Silence is death
  9. Loveless
  10. Burning churches 

"The band is Teenage Suicide and hails from Brazil (from São Paulo state). It's a relatively new band, functioning so far as a solo project, but it will change in a near future. Volume 1 was released (digitally) in June, this year, and i started making some physical copies last month (October), which are almost all gone. TS takes influences from all kind of classic and modern Crust, Hardcore and Black Metal bands (and a little bit of Noise creeps its way in). As far as ideology goes, TS is far leftist. I don't try to stick solely to Anarchism or Communism, but instead, incorporating every bits i find most accurate, fair, etc. (and you'll also find bits of nihillism and irony/sarcasm)"

Well, I think it isn't great (the album sounds too "digital" and monotonous, and the slow/noisy parts don't help), but it isn't bad either, so if you like DIY cybergrind, you may find "Vol.1" interesting. Looking forward for TS to become a full band.

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