Sunday, November 25, 2012

After The Last Sky - "There's No Light At The End Of This Tunnel" (2011)

AFTER THE LAST SKY "There's No Light At The End Of This Tunnel"

Year: 2011
Genre: Blackened Grindcore
Country: UK 

Track List:
  1. He Is Risen (Apocalypse Part 1)
  2. Our Choices, Our World
  3. Just Press That Red Button and Turn the Fukk Off
  4. The Lie of the Land
  5. The Hives Fell Silent
  6. Yoked, Choked and Quaterpounded
  7. The End of the Line
  8. Open Your Eyes for He Is Here
  9. The End of Seasons
  10. The Betrayal of Freedom
  11. No Light at the End of the Tunnel (The Fall)

Thanks to X. for posting this great album! Unfortunately I still have a persistent problem with my connection which doesn't allow me to upload files larger than ~15-20 MB (therefore no reuploads in the recent few days), so I'll use X.'s link.
If I understood him correctly, ATLS have disbanded just a few days ago. It's a shame that a such interesting project with a more than 10 years long history of musical development remained so underrated. BTW, I remember receiving one or two emails from them an year or two ago, to which I tried to respond, but got no answer whatsoever.

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  1. "ATLS is finished, there is still a couple of shirts, records and cd's left.... We'll be floggin these off to finish our attempt to recoup some lost tour money and save storing stuff that people can be wearing/listening to.... The last 3 gigs were raging, thanks to anyone that came out for them and also thanks to anyone that supported us in anyway since our start as a teenage band wanting catharsis through to a touring/recording band -Matt"