Thursday, October 4, 2012

Møllehøj - demo (2012)


Year: 2012
Genre: Raw Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: USA


Møllehøj is a new female-fronted eco-anarchist BM project, consisting of Jennifer Christensen and a couple of guest musicians. Jennifer mentioned her project in our RABM facebook group a few months ago, but they didn't have any recordings back then. And not so long ago I received a letter from her informing about the first Møllehøj demo. Yes, I can't disagree with Jennifer - it's really rough and somewhat monotous (therefore hard to listen through 42 minutes), but maybe someone will like it in its raw form. A better version is going to be recorded and released within the next few months.

"Mollehoj is an anarchistic celebration of the creative act and values improvisational art which dismantles the traditional idea of song structure over "perfect" art.
Mollehoj is a fusion of Musical Impressionism and Meditative Eco Black Metal.
Jennifer creates mainly with her voice, guitar, cello, piano, bass guitar and violin"

There's also a lot of live video on youtube under "Mollehoj":


  1. Seriously, this pulled me further into black metal. This release is amazing, I love it.

  2. Wow!!!! That's amazing!!! Mollehoj you have a new fan!!!