Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lagrima - "Hannibal Ad Portas" (2012)

LAGRIMA "Hannibal Ad Portas"

Year: 2012
Genre: Epic Death/Black Metal
Country: Lebanon 

Track List:
  1. Prelude (... To the Gods of War)
  2. Serenade Upon Mount Aryx
  3. Conquest of Iberia
  4. Death of the Father ... Saguntum
  5. Arise and Arrest the Destiny of Rome
  6. Trepia Trazimian Cannie
  7. Abhore the Antagonists
  8. A Final Fight
  9. Sealed With Poison

One more release I received for a review not so long ago, this time from a very unexpected place: Lebanon. Yes, I know there were such great Lebanese bands as Ayat and Damaar, and I already have wrote several posts on the subject of Middle Eastern metal in general, but it's the first time I receive a message from a Lebanese band. The music turned out to be very interesting and well-produced - a kind of melodic death/black metal with epic moments (but not in the "Scandinavian" way). Of course there were some parts which I didn't like, but in general it turned out to be much better than I initially thought it to be. Definitely recommended!

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  1. Ayat are a misognistic band by the way.

  2. listen to D.I.Y, Thrash Storm, Nightchains. All great lebanese thrash bands