Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baldaraz - "The old b-site" (2012)

BALDARAZ "The old b-site"

Year: 2012
Genre: Raw Black Metal, Dark Ambient
Country: Germany

Track List:

  1. Intro (The Ragnarokum)
  2. Introduction To Life (demo '11)
  3. North Frozen Dark (demo '06)
  4. Save Mother Earth (demo '06)
  5. Human (demo '08)
  6. Outro (Oberflächlichkeit zerstört Individualität - demo '09)


A collection of early (2006-2011) demos by Baldaraz. I guess you're already familiar with this duo from Berlin because of their demo "Wolves Without Sound" (and the butthurt it caused by it's anti-Absurd cover image). Of course not all tracks on this compilation sound good, but there definitely are some that are worth listening (especially the 1st half of the album). Not sure if the misprint in the title (should be "old b-sides", right?) is intentional, but will leave it "as is" anyway.


  1. yes its ,,old b-site,, in futhark. New Album comes on end oct. yes the sound is ,,old,, but the sound is great

  2. "Introduction to Life" is stolen from Alhajoth. Save Mother Earth is also stolen. This guy, he even can not tune a guitar, fucking fake

    1. Never heard anything of Alhajoth before, and google search also yields no results. Can I listen to their track anywhere and compare them to Baldaraz?

  3. Alhajoth is my one man project and a demo will be ready in the next 2 months.

    I sent a unready version of "Introduction to Life" to this guy and he put it as a baldaraz song on his b sites. The same with "save Mother Earth". I recorded with baldaraz as band member "Vega". For comparing contact me over Email, which you can see on the Alhajoth website. I have also the Score-sound Data files of the drums, it was making with e drums.

  4. 'vega' is an ex member of baldaraz no he make alhajoth and its embarrassing that this guy think he is so fucking ,,important,, that the music that he makes with baldaraz is his one. Baldaraz has closed to work with ,vega,. he is an commercial asshole not more.

  5. i have read it on the baldaraz site, its an idiot !

  6. looks like you are an fucking idiot with an burzum shirt
    would be pleased if you would delete that shit from rabm

    1. Hey I'm a member of Baldaraz and i will talk about this stupid comments here.... at first, we are 4 members and our next album is release on BFR-REcords D.I.Y. UNDERGROUND VINYL RECORD LABEL u can find it on FB :
      our site is :
      The Member VEGA is not longer in Baldaraz and we hope he ends remain his Terror against our project. Baldaraz First Studio Album in NOV. 2012 is supported by members from black'n'cust bands from Germany and from Ut.- Fanzine ALL this people are in the left-winger scene. NOBODY from us need stealing and NOBODY from us need stupid comments from idiots under his free music B-Sites ! .... But hey is funny that we are so significant :D