Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Source of Cold - "Silence" (2012)


Year: 2012
Genre: Instrumental Black Metal
Country: Poland

Track List:
  1. Wake of the Night (intro)
  2. Black Empress
  3. Wither

First off: it isn't even a proper demo, it's just a collection of instrumentals that are made for a demo. Therefore it may be rather boring to listen, but they couldn't find a vocalist so far and finally decided to release these tracks anyway. So don't expect much from it (although it sounds better than many other underground BM bands). According to the founder of SoC:

"About 2007 I've started my black metal project. To be honest, I've more thinked about it than played / composed / practiced and results are rather poor - I managed to release a first, very imperfect and raw demo only in 2012... Although I write and play all music by myself I can't say that Source of Cold is one-man project. There is at least one person that greatly helps me with it.

Lyrics (despite the fact that there is no vocals) are solely nature-related and covers no mankind-related stuff. I do not hate humans (well, I don't hate all humans) but absolutely despise society, especially with its current condition. I also find the idea of country or nation sick and artificial. Therefore I may consider myself as antisocial anarchist / extreme environmentalist (I believe that only cure for a planet is to wipe humanity out but it's utopian belief)...

I'm from Poland, one of the biggest nests of nationalism (sadly, along with Russia and probably Finland, Hungary and Ukraine) so Source of Cold is probably only one polish black metal band associated with ideas of anarchy"

Actually, there was at least one more RABM-related band in Poland (Generation of Destruction), but I'm not sure if they ever recorded anything, as they couldn't find a drummer that shared their views. Same case with Source of Cold, though they need a vocalist, not a drummer. Hope they'll finally find one and become the first proper RABM band from Poland (which is indeed one of the biggest producers of NSBM and other far-right stuff).


  1. Interesting approach. Downloading!

  2. please keep on searching. black empress sounds sooooo awesome!