Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pascal Cretain - "Libertarian Cryptovirologist" (2012)

PASCAL CRETAIN "Libertarian Cryptovirologist"

Year: 2012
Genre: Harsh Noise / Power Electronics
Computationally Infeasible Records

Track List:
  1. Random People
  2. The Avalanche Effect
  3. Scope Me
  4. The Toolkit of Deceit is Bottomless
  5. Flawed Premise
  6. Datacentre Politics
  7. Off By One
  8. Mutant Rhetorics
  9. Like Dinosaurs in a Tar Pit
  10. Techno-Utopianist

"Pascal Cretain is a distributed digital entity consisting of 256 million integrated circuits that lives exclusively on the ether of the world-wide web. The entity has been coded and maintained by independent groups of the libertarian cyberspace. The being's soul has a noise margin equivalent to 2006 Volt"

All the 10 tracks on this EP are mixed into 1 long one, and in general it sounds like harsh noise with some distorted vocals over it. The EP is obviously inspired by the ideas of crypto-anarchism, and hacker/cyberpunk culture in general.


  1. as of now, the "bandcamp" link also links to the mediafire file, not to http://pascalcretain.bandcamp.com/