Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nahrayan - "The Beginning of the End · The End of the Beginning" (2012)

NAHRAYAN "The Beginning of the End · The End of the Beginning"

Year: 2012
Post-Metal / Sludge
Country: Spain

Track List:
  1. Demons Without Face
  2. Barathrum Fields
  3. When Sun Sets Down
  4. Red Moon / Last Sunrise
  5. A Dying Sun
  6. Hollow Grief
  7. The End

Nahrayan were a post-doom/slugde metal/ambient band from Spain that existed from 2000 to 2007. This album is a re-record of some old songs (2000/2007) with addition of two unreleased tracks with a general concept about the destruction of the sun and the end of the human existence. A few months ago Les Fleurs du Mal Records released a manufactured edition in CD, and a vinyl edition (2xLP) will be released through Odio Sonoro, Marchalenta, Radix Records, Nooirax, Devilchild Records, Maniyax Records.

According to the band, "any consult, review, publication of news, etc. will be welcome and eternally grateful". I, too, was happy to discover yet another excellent release among the stuff sent to me for a review. Those who wanted to see more post-metal on my blog probably won't be disappointed with this album too.

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  1. everyone who likes Isis this is must

    great band