Thursday, May 31, 2012

Våld - "Boycott Your Life" (2006)

VALD "Boycott Your Life"

Year: 2006
Genre: Crossover Thrash Metal / Crust
Country: Finland

Track List:
  1. Boycott Your Life
  2. Min Revolt
  3. Here In The Darkness
  4. Fuck Fashion
  5. No Future / Nothing
  6. Waiting For The Angels To Cry
  7. Revolution
  8. Once Again
  9. Krossad
  10. War
  11. Dark Clouds

Another Scandinavian band that, I know, made an influence on a lot of RABM bands. They're often labeled as "blackened crust", but in my opinion it's rather crossover thrash/crust. "Boycott Your Life" is their one and only full-length album released on Treason Troops Records (a label that label was founded specifically for Våld's releases), before they split up in 2008.

Don't know for sure if they're from Finland or from Sweden. So far it seems like they're Finnish Swedes - but there's another band under this name from Sweden, also playing (blackened?) crust, that released only one demo in 2005 (couldn't find it anywhere, though).



    Here's Swedish Vald's 2005 demo and IMHO they're way much better than the Finnish band.

    1. Excellent! They're indeed better than Finnish Våld. Is there any more info about the band (I guess they're female fronted), and/or the cover image for this demo?

  2. They were female fronted indeed. And as far as I know they are non existent any more. It's really hard to find any info on them. All I know is that they have played Punk Illegal in 2009 and all the people I spoke to who saw them say it was an amazing gig.

  3. Info about band and members:åld/35891åld/Boycott_Your_Life/112716