Thursday, May 17, 2012

Negative Standards - "VI-XI" (2012)


Year: 2012
Genre: Blackened Crust / Sludge
Country: USA

Unfortunately this band doesn't provide their releases for download, but you can stream their first full-length "VI-XI" (as well as their first 10''/tape "I-V") from bandcamp (UPD 17th of June 2012: now it's available for free, enjoy). You can also buy it from the label's webstore, if you wish. Negative Standards are based out of Oakland, and play doom/sludge with elements of black metal and epic crust. Now they're on a month-long US tour, and their bassist has asked me to post the tour dates on my blog. Well, why not?..

May 17 - Washington, DC @ Ras Hall, 4809 Georgia Ave. NW w/ Good Luck, Spoonboy, Hop Along, Sundials.
May 18 - New Brunswick, NJ @ Ray Cappo's Cantina
May 19 - Brooklyn, NY @ Stolen Sleeves Collective, 538 Johnson Avenue w/ Anasazi, No Sir I Won't, Sad Boys, Zatsuon.
May 20 - Northhampton, MA @ VFW Florence, 18 Meadow Street w/ Warrior Kids (France), MFP.
May 21 - Montreal, QC @ Death Church w/ Æsahættr, Xothugua, Sand Witch.
May 22 - Portland, ME @ 442 St. John St w/ The Piper and the Salami, The Correspondences.
May 23 - Boston, MA @ Whacky Kastle w/ Vaccine, VYGR, Nailed Shut.
May 24 - New Haven, CT @ TBA w/ Escalators.
May 25 - Philadelphia, PA @ Cloud City w/ Bacchus (Ireland), Torch Runner, Hazards, War Emblem.
May 26 - Baltimore, MD @ TBA
May 27 - Asheville, NC @ The Get Down!
May 28 - Atlanta, GA @ Wonderroot Collective
May 29 - New Orleans, LA @ Hey Cafe w/ Mauser, Post-Teens, Mystic Inane.
May 30 - Houston, TX @ Vinyl Junkie w/ Napalm Raid, Sixbrewbantha.
May 31 - Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas (TBA)
June 1 - Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas, End of an Ear Day Show
June 2 - Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas, Prank Records Breakfast Show w/ No Statik
June 3 - Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas (TBA)
June 4 - El Paso, TX @ The Horizon Club w/ Røsenkøpf.
June 5 - Phoenix, AZ @ TBA
June 6 - Los Angeles, CA @ McWorld, 5011 W. Adams Blvd.
June 7 - San Francisco, CA @ TBA


  1. There has been an update on the tour, the Boston date is now at What We Talk About.

  2. Definitely catching them on when they're in LA .. great band.

  3. Seen them a few times & talked with the lead singer (nice guy). Amazing stage presence & the analogue visuals behind them is fucking awesome!