Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sacrilege - "Behind The Realms Of Madness" + "Within The Prophecy" (2005 re-release)

SACRILEGE "Behind The Realms Of Madness" + "Within The Prophecy"

Year: 1985-1987 (re-released 2005)
Genre: Thrash Metal/Crust
Country: UK

Track List:

  1. Life Line
  2. Shadow From Mordor
  3. At Death's Door
  4. A Violation Of Something Sacred
  5. The Closing Irony
  6. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
  7. Sight Of The Wise
  8. The Captive
  9. Winds Of Vengeance
  10. Spirit Cry
  11. Flight Of The Nazgul
  12. The Fear Within
  13. Search Eternal


Speaking of female-fronted metal: here's a band from Birmingham that's widely regarded as one of the pioneering bands in a number of genres, including metallic crust, proto-black metal, and doom metal. According to Wikipedia: "Sacrilege were a female-fronted thrash metal band from the Midlands region of England. Despite having played relatively few gigs during their existence, Sacrilege are today recognised as an important band; both as an influence on later heavy metal and doom metal bands, and as an example of the blending of hardcore punk, radical politics, and heavy metal that occurred during the 1980s, making Sacrilege one of the prototypical crust punk bands of the time". Their political affiliation becomes obvious if we take in account that 2 members of Sacrilege also played in a well-known anarchist punk-82 band The Varukers. While "Within The Prophecy" is somewhat generic 80s-style speed/thrash metal, their debut album "Behind The Realms Of Madness" is a quite interesting work which incorporates elements of Amebix-style crust. Don't know if we call them one of the precursors for blackened crust (along with Amebix and Axegrinder), but their debut album is definitely a must-listen release for everyone who likes both RABM/blackened crust and old school metal; and Lynda "Tam" Simpson's vocals are remarkable as well.

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  1. Funny, I bought this album about 18 years ago thinking it was an album from the NWOSMDM band with the same name. Finding out my mistake, I put the album aside, regarding it as an uninteresting generic speed/trash album. Guess I'll have to give it another listen :-)