Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Thousand Wolves - "Slothomore" (2012)


Year: 2012
Genre: Raw Post-Black Metal/Punk
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Little Ice Age
  2. Slothomore
  3. The Wyrm Takes Over

I already have introduced you to this one-man project from Minnesota, and here's his first demo EP, consisting of 3 tracks. Beside these 2 songs which I already have written about, the demo contains one more short instrumental track. Release notes:

"This is an ep designed so that it would work good on a 7" extended play vinyl. Someone pointed out to me just how raw my recordings are at the moment, so I'm calling it an "ep/demo." I hope those who are not fans of raw can listen through the obviously amateur quality. Hopefully some day I'll be able to rerecord it with better equipment... It is for sure a bit (more like a lot) on the raw side... Unfortunately that part hasn't really changed, My means of production are not great at the moment...

Also it is sort of post-black-metal, with raw production quality (I actually wrote it before I knew about PoM or WiTTR or any of the other bands that does this style. Also I don't like WiTTR that much, but PoM and Skagos are really good, but that's kind of an aside) which seems to be something that you post a lot of. I wouldn't say that my project is RABM, but I'm supportive of the idea"

As for the lyrics - the song "The Wyrm Takes Over" has fantasy-based lyrics, but it was meant to be allegorical: " is a metaphor for the way that those with power tend to argue for free-trade as benefitting poor countries, while in fact it tends to enrich the global capitalist class at the expense of the global working class, and while it occasionally benefits some in the semiperiphery, it seldom benefits the actual periphery.

A new song (Little Ice Age) is also kind of RABM-friendly. It's about how religious authorities in Norse Greenland (christian at this point) refused to emulate the Inuit who recently settled nearby during the Little Ice Age (a cold period which started between the 13th and 14th centuries, after the Medieval Warm Period and ended in the late 19th century). The colony in Greenland was really only viable due to the Medieval Warm Period, and the methods of subsistence that the Norse there were employing just could not withstand the cooling. On the other hand, the Inuit had a very flexible and well adapted subsistence system, and the cooling to some extend allowed them to occupy greenland better. It's basically a good historical / archaeological example of how religious and social conservatism in the face of daunting environmental changes lead to the end of the colony in Greenland. In the song, a Norse protagonist get's fed up with the power of the religious authorities and burns down a church before abandoning them and joining the Inuit.

I'm thinking I might release WTO and LIA on a 15m ep (only for d/l unfortunately) with the instrumental "slothomore" (which is just a pun and has no deep meaning)..."


  1. PoM, is that Prison of Mirrors?

  2. Nevermind, it is. Everyone should also listen to that group's record, because it also rules :)