Friday, February 24, 2012

Sibirskaya Ugroza - demo (2012)


Year: 2012
Genre: Crossover Thrash Metal
Country: Russia

Track List:
  1. Песня тамбовских повстанцев
  2. Вновь
  3. Кони версты рвут наметом
  4. В октябре
  5. Красная расправа

First of all: this demo was deliberately released only as very low-bitrate mp3 package, so don't ask me where to find a HQ version - it simply doesn't exist. The music is quite good for a home-recorded demo of an one-man project, though. Some have labeled it as crust, but it isn't - it's just crossover thrash metal/punk, obviously similar to Curt & The Contras (however, the leader of the project himself has denied any influence from C&TC; according to him, his music was influenced by Ork Bastards, new Darkthrone, Slayer, early Kreator, Agressor (FR), and other old school thrash/death metal; also Skitsystem, Contra La Contra, various dark hardcore & crust). Reminds me also of 80's Colombian (and other South American) hardcore and thrash.

The name "Сибирская Угроза" means "Siberian Threat", and was chosen after reading an article about the threat of Siberian secessionism. However, the project has nothing to do neither with separatists of any sort, nor with Siberia (it's based out of some small town in Krasnodar region, south of Russia). The demo consists of 5 tracks, mostly cover versions of anarchist songs of 1918-1922 civil war (including one song w/ lyrics by Nestor Makhno).

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