Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winternight - "Song Of The Dead Loner" (2010)

WINTERNIGHT "Song Of The Dead Loner"

Year: 2010
Genre: Neoclassical / Dark Ambient
Country: Indonesia

Track List:
  1. Nekrodeath
  2. Silent Death Of The World
  3. A War Without End

I'm posting this EP mostly because the founder of this one-man project from Bandung (Indonesia) is also involved in a blackened crust band called World To Be Ashes (formerly known as Display Of Vulgar Mayhem). So far they haven't recorded anything except one rehearsal demo track, but they definitely know about RABM scene and support it. As for Winternight, it's a minimalistic neoclassical/ambient project which has released two EPs and one split demo up to date.

Release notes:

"Year 2006 was a very terrible for my personal life, also the year that I no longer play music. Alienation in those years led me to a saturation point in playing music, until finally I decided to make a solo project named Winternight with minimal skills and limited understanding of music.

I do not have a good reason about taking the name, I just call it like-it, and that too is enough to describe …the alienation represent nights that I spent in those years. And Winternight has brought me to a room where I found many other apocalypse than just play music.

But this is a melancholia which I have never loved. When a lot of catharsis that I can not tell by my previous bands. In Winternight I found a simpler way to describe something even if only through the effects of sampling. At least I was not imprisoned in words. Because words are never enough to expose it. For that I do not need to write the lyrics or the vocal sounds included in it, I just play the tone and enter the sampling that I was never concerned with the rules of right or wrong chord. As well as to represent alienation, I just enter the sampling wind and waves with the atmosphere of a quiet night, or enter a sampling of war to represent anger.

Song Of The Dead Loner is more like journey that takes the silence of the world from a very disturbing noise, is also an escape from anxiety and loneliness that continually haunt, where I lost a lot of people nearby who leaves me without a trail"

Note that there's two more bands called Winternight - one from Germany and another one from Hungary, both playing pagan black metal.



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