Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hellcrawler - "Wastelands" (2011)

HELLCRAWLER "Wastelands"

Year: 2011
Genre: Crust/Death'n'Roll
Country: Slovenia

Track List:

  1. Devastation
  2. Rattlesnake Tavern
  3. Motosluts From Hell
  4. Wastelands
  5. Post Apocalyptic Revolt
  6. The Molten Faces Tribe
  7. Firefly Powerplant
  8. Yet Again The Greed Of Man
  9. Towards The End
  10. Demons Within

Another band that's quite similar to Bhopal and Children of Technology - both musically and aesthetically. They are not from Italy, but from Slovenia, which is right next to Italy. Their debut LP "Wastelands" was released by Hollow Earth Records who apparently are RABM-friendly as well as Iconoclast. If you like metallic crust with lyrics inspired by post-apocalyptic & biker movies, then this release is for you.

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