Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bits-and-Herz - "Julieta I" (from "Tranzmetal" LP)

Bits-and-Herz is an one-man electro-industrial project from Mexico, started in 2006 by Angel "WasV" Fajardo (who I know reads my blog). The main lyrical theme of Bits-and-Herz are negative emotions and social conditions (alcoholism, rape, drugs, depression, frustration and hatred). He has released 3 albums so far. Unfortunately, the quality of production is far from perfect, and I don't really like the vocals (according to WasV, he doesn't use any voice effects, because he wants to differ from all these commercial dark electro bands that all have distorted vocals; but I personally think that his vocals would fit the music much better if distorted), but some of his tracks sound very promising:


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