Thursday, December 29, 2011

Asilo & Fracción George Best - split (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Sludge/Crust (Asilo), Hardcore/Screamo (FGB)
Country: Argentina / Chile
Track List:
  1. Mecanismos de la Vida Moderna
  2. Oración
Fracción George Best
  1. III
  2. Caronte

I've received an e-mail from one of the members of Asilo not so long ago. Actually, I already knew about Asilo before, and even posted one track from their split w/ Tzara on my other blog, but it's always good to know that the band members themselves are reading my posts. They define their style as "a mix of black metal, doom, drone, sludge and many other kind of music", but for me it's mostly sludge/drone/doom with some blackened crust overtones. Not bad, but definitely not for fans of fast and aggressive stuff. As for Fracción George Best - they're from Chile, playing some kind of hardcore/screamo (not metallic at all). To be honest I didn't like their side of the split that much, but you might have a different opinion.
Release notes:
"bio: asilo is a sludge crust three-piece band from buenos aires, argentina. their members (nacho dp: drums / manuel: vox - bass - analogue devices / sebaxxxtian: bass / vox) played and still play in underground bands from the underground metal scene, like voightkampff, gran cuervo, milica, etc. we've released our first split with tzara (post hardcore, with manuel playing bass), including a live song from our very first show live in april 2011. Nowadays we are releasing this second split with fraccion george best, from chile, with two songs each band... this split cd will be releasing in chile and ecuador too.

In 2012, we are eager to play live and record our new songs and trying to be edited in usa or europe.

you can listen asilo

their releases are available in"

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