Monday, November 7, 2011

Prison Of Mirrors - s/t (2011)

PRISON OF MIRRORS "Prison Of Mirrors"

Year: 2011
Genre: Cascadian Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. The Scent Of The Severed Hand
  2. A Destiny Unforseen
  3. The Fallen Leaves Have Turned
  4. Procession Of Ghosts
  5. Snow Stained Red
  6. As Rivers Crest

I noticed this band about a half an year ago, after they released their first single "Snow Stained Red". I liked "SSR" a lot, so I was very excited when I received a message from one of the members of P.O.M. It appeared that he's a frequent reader of my blog, and he'd like to see their first full-length album to be featured here. So, why not? 

The best track on the whole album is definitely "Snow Stained Red", but the rest of the album is also quite good for a first release. Like in case with Nidra, the music contain some melodic death metal and post-rock elements, and the vocals aren't quite in the black metal way (but I personally have no problems with it). A very good release overall, Im looking forward to any new stuff from them. (BTW, there's one more BM band called Prison Of Mirrors - an one-man project from Sochi, south of Russia)



  1. This album is really well done, it is actually very good, the problem is that it seems to be short despite is around an hour long...

    but still pretty good releases, the riffs and melodies are interesting.


  2. sounds more like a harcore band to me

  3. you obviously have your ears connected to your arse...