Monday, November 7, 2011

Panopticon & Wheels Within Wheels - 2nd split (2011)


Year: 2011
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal / Ambient
Country: USA

Track List:

Wheels Within Wheels
  1. A Burial of the Mother of Orion (instrumental)
  2. A Splinter of Hope in the Blackest of Hearts

  1. The Road to Bergen
  2. From Bergen to Jotunheim Forest
  3. The White Mountain View
(download link taken down due to request)

Following my recent posts, some of my readers encouraged me to post more post-metal bands. Well, I'll try to search for more of such bands that would fit in my blog, but not right now. However, the recently released Panopticon / Wheels Within Wheels split sounds very post-rockish, so I think it's about time to post it.
WWW's side of the split sounds much more like drone ambient than black metal, which isn't too unexpected. But I was really surprised at Panopticon's side - it sounds very different from all the earlier releases. The music is very beautiful and atmospheric, but it's not 2009-2010 Panopticon - even the drumming style is different...


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    We are the label that released this CD.

    Panopticon / Wheels WIthin Wheels split CD II

    from Pagan Flames Productions.

    Our page:

    Please remove this download. It is violating the law.

    1. OK, but I'll ask A.Lundr about it - because he always favored the free distribution of his music.

  2. Is it possible to download it?

  3. Yo Bensmasher,

    there's nothing wrong with encouraging people to buy something that a band worked really hard to put out, but seriously, fuck you and fuck the label. You are not fucking punk, and you are definitely not an anarchist. Fuck the law and the entire music industry (it is an industry, after all). You ever think about the fact that some people who want to listen to Panopticon don't have any money, don't have a credit card to use to purchase the record, don't have a record player or CD player to listen to it on, or don't even have an address to have that shit shipped to? And I'm not just talking about crusty white drop out kids. You are massively full of shit and so is any band who won't let people listen to their music for free.

  4. This asshole is bitching in his blog about not being able to download an Amorphis album ILLEGALLY. Moreover his own stupid music is free to download. Nothing wrong with promoting ourselves huh? How did Panopticon agree to work with this scumbag...