Friday, October 7, 2011

Kalendae - live set (from "Evenings of Forests and Sorrow")

The 3rd event in the series of "Evenings of Forests and Sorrow" will take place in SPb on 19th of October. Line-up:

  1. Kalendae (atmospheric black metal\ post-)
  2. ... и возвел их на гору (ambient)
  3. Gray Bastion (death/doom metal)
  4. Virosa (post-metal)


Two tracks from the first live show of Kalendae (not even a demo, just a live recording; the upcoming demo may sound different. I'm putting it here only to give you an idea of what kind of music they're playing):

DOWNLOAD (UPD: the demo is officially out)

And some more photos (credits to Julia Buryakova):


  1. Awesome!! Is there any more of them?

    - A fan from the US

  2. We have a remastered demo, expected to split "Кора"