Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dishammer - "Under The Sign Of The D-Beat Mark" (2010)

DISHAMMER "Under The Sign Of The D-Beat Mark"

Year: 2010
Genre: Blackened Crust / Thrash Metal
Country: Spain

Track List:

  1. The Devil's Advocates
  2. Outlaw Psychopath
  3. Welcome Death
  4. Under The Sign Of The D-Beat Mark
  5. Sexwitch
  6. Invocation
  7. Rusty Coffin


"Under The Sign Of The D-Beat Mark" is the latest EP by Dishammer, who are without a doubt one of the best bands on the modern Spanish crust scene. Their music is commonly labeled "blackened crust" - however, in terms of music and aesthetics they're akin only to first wave thrash / proto-black metal bands like Venom or Hellhammer (just my opinion). For the fans of old school!


  1. Haven't gotten my copy of Vintage Addiction yet, but I'll say this, their album art gives me a boner