Sunday, July 31, 2011

Drear - "Promo 2007" (2008)

DREAR "Promo 2007"

Year: 2008
Genre: Blackened Doom Metal
Country: UK

Track List:
  1. They Try to Emulate the Clouds
  2. Dismal Autumn Skies On An Anglian Eve
  3. Penmount Crematorium

Want more blackened doom metal? No problem. I have not much information about this UK-based project, but their music definitely was inspired by ecoanarchist ideas. These 3 tracks were recorded during 2007, and were released as a promo on 01 January 2008. There's at least one more album by Drear, called "We Will Use Your Blood For Fertilizer", and I'll ask them if I can post it here too.  


  1. That would be really cool if they let you post We Will Use Your Blood For Fertilizer, from what i've heard from their bandcamp page, it sounds really good.

  2. Thanks for posting!

    Stream of WWUYBFF here:

    Video for Capturecultivateconsume here: