Saturday, May 7, 2011

Warkult - "Kult Of Disorder" (2009)

WARKULT "Kult Of Disorder"

Year: 2009
Genre: Anarchist Black Metal / Thrash Metal
Country: France

Track List:
  1. Kult of Disorder
  2. Messiah of Civil War
  3. Voice of Authority
  4. Law and Order
  5. Halu
  6. Inside Me
  7. Time for Oppression
  8. Human Factory
  9. Mother Earth Revenge

I've heard something about this band back in 2007, when I just started my research in RABM, but only now I've listened to all their albums. Their music is a mix of black, death and thrash metal in roughly even proportion, and the result is quite interesting (I think it doesn't sound like the most bands in my blog... the closest analogue would be probably Altare).

Warkult started in early 2000s under the name "Berserk". So far they have released two albums ("The New Becoming" and this one), plus one Berserk demo. All these releases are available for free on their myspace page.


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