Saturday, February 12, 2011

Diary & Lago & Бесконечная Зима - 3-way split (2011)


Year: 2011
Genre: Neocrust / Blackened Crust / Blackened Punk
Country: Russia / Kazakhstan

Track List:

  1. Земля мёртвых (pt.1) / Land of the Dead pt.1
  2. Земля мёртвых (pt.2) / Land of the Dead pt.2
  1. Бесконечная ненависть / Infinite Hatred
  2. Демократия - диктатура демократов / Democracy As A Dictatorship Of The Democrats
  3. Колесо прогресса / Wheel of Progress
  4. Руины / Ruins
Бесконечная Зима
  1. Когда деревья были большими / When The Trees Were Tall
  2. Ничто не вечно / Nothing Is Eternal
  3. Цвет флагов / Colour of Flags
  4. Черное золото / Black Gold

A new split album of 3 Siberian and Kazakh hardcore/neocrust bands is out! Yes, there's neocrust in Kazakhstan... but currently there's only one band called Diary. Well, boring bandname, average music, bad vocal work - but at least it's good that people from that area are trying.

Lago's tracks are easily the best on this split - it's anarchist DIY neocrust in the vein of Spanish school, very simular to Ekkaia, Madame Germen and Etacarinae. They're probably one of the best modern hardcore/crust bands from Siberia I've ever heard of... (well, there are such bands as I.Witness and Season's First Rain, for example, but I just can't get into music of I.Witness, and I don't like Season's First Rain)
Бесконечная Зима (Neverending Winter) is a band from Tomsk playing some kind of blackened punk, consisting of some ex-members of Louder Than Words. Their music reminds me of early Заводь's recordings, and that's the reason why I'm posting this split here.
P.S. And finally: yes, there are RABM fans in Kazakhstan! At least Kvrsk, a new black/doom band from Astana, is fairly in RABM spirit. They have no official releases yet, but they plan to  release a split w/ (A)xidanc(E) and some other bands. By the way, Kazakh punk scene always seemed to be very simular to Siberian one...


  1. really liked diary

  2. Please, please re-up. I was unable to find this release anywhere else...

  3. Hey! :)
    Could you please re-upload the album, please? It was also impossible to find anywhere elese. Thx in advance!

      Hope I wasn't late with this one too ;)

    2. Thanks a lot! :) Gonna listen to this.

  4. empty conversations are an excellent band from kazakhstan -

    also zhulong pretty decent too -

    1. Yes, I know about Zhulong and even have posted their EP on here. Haven't heard about Empty Conversations before, though. Will check them out soon, thanks.