Saturday, January 29, 2011

Proletarian Rock/Metal (not black)

Found this on RevLeft forum:

The band is called Metallarbeiter, and they play traditional German labour songs in rock/metal style. I don't know if they have released any albums, but I found their page on facebook. As for the song, it's "Die Arbeiter von Wein", a hymn of 1934 anti-fascist uprising in Linz and Vienna. It's actually a cover version of an old Red Army march called "Белая Армия, Черный Барон":

It's an original version with lyrics in Russian, sang by I.Baranov, the lead singer of Eshelon. I like this song even if my sympathy is on the side of Black Army (first and foremost). A Hungarian version of this song also exists: 

And one more song found on Revleft. It's performed by a sludge/grrove metal band Byzantine, and the origional poster claims that he "haven't heard a band with a more explicitly pro-labor message in their lyrics. At least not a metal band":

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