Thursday, December 30, 2010

Panopticon - "On The Subject Of Mortality" (2010)

PANOPTICON "On The Subject Of Mortality"

Year: 2010
Genre: RABM
Country: USA
Label: Lundr Records

Track List:
  1. Living In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
  2. Living Eulogy
  3. To Make In Idol Of Our Fear And Call It God
  4. A Message To The Missionary
  5. ...Seeing
  6. Watching You
And finally, a long-awaited new album of Panopticon, received directly from A.Lundr! The first three tracks were also released on a split w/ WBSS, and the last three - on a split w/ Skagos. In comparison with two previous albums, "On The Subject Of Mortality" is less aggressive, more melodic, atmospheric, and "post-rockish". As for the lyrical concept, the title of the release says it all (yes, this time it's more philosophical than political).


  1. thank you for this and the Panopticon splits. have a crusty new year! cheers!

  2. Apasionado, Filosofico, en mi opinion el mejor album del año, que sigan promoviendo buena musica, saludos de chile.

  3. saludos compas desde

    un abrazo!

  4. thanx to A.lundr for the marvellous music that he makes!

    Mi girlfriend loves Aptrgangr!!

    Any one of you can tell where can I find "The Ghost of Haymarket Square" lyrics?

    thanx for the upload!

    grettings from Chile too

  5. Yes, I couldn't found it anywhere too. But I'll ask A.Lundr, if you're interested. Thanks for your comment!

  6. anarchist band and copyright problems?

    thats not nice

  7. Well, I asked A.Lundr about it long ago, and he said that all his works definitely are allowed for free distribution. However, he couldn't explain why I received copyright claims from Flenser Records.