Monday, December 27, 2010

Falls Of Rauros - "Into The Archaic" + "Window of the Eye" (2006)

FALLS OF RAUROS "Into The Archaic"

Year: 2006
Genre: "North Appalachian Heathen Black Folk Metal", "Blackened Neofolk"
Country: USA

Track List:

  1. A Departure
  2. Retracing Our Lineage
  3. Contemplation of the Forgotten
  4. To Witness Existence As A Subservient Entity
  5. March of the Valorous Bane
  6. The Winter Harvest
  7. A Silent Premonition (Of Our End)
  8. Revisitation


Falls Of Rauros is a band from Maine (US), whose members don't disclose much about their identities. However, it's known that initially FoR was a duo, and now it has 4 members. Accoriding to Encyclopedia Metallium: "The band describes their music as "North Appalachian Heathen Black Folk Metal," exhibited by their firm beliefs in returning the world to a pre-Christian time, as well as their appreciation for nature", and their lyrical themes are: "Nature, Misanthropy, Anarchism". And according to their interview, the lyrics are quite focused on personal subjects. But taking in account their answer to the question about Christianity, I think they have very simular ideology to other nature-inspired and green anarchist black metal bands from North America.

As for the music, they call their style "blackened neofolk". Yes, it's not pure black metal, but it doesn't make their music bad, of course. The only weak point of this release is the quality of production, which definitely could be better. BTW, this album is officially available for free, as well as both of their demos.


  1. wtf? They released a CD on "Totenkopf Propaganda" :O

  2. Wait, what? As far as I know, all their records were self-released, with exception of this one (released on Morbid Winter Records).

  3. Ok, well. My bad. They didnt release the CD on TP, TP just shares this CD.

    Haha, well. Fail on Totenkopf's side for sharing an anarchist band. :D

    Sorry. :/

  4. An answer from Austin L. of Panopticon:

    "that is because of the label they released that record through, morbid winter. that label has put out some sketchy stuff. for that matter, pagan flames has nsbm in their distro. it's just unavoidable. the band them selves are good friends of mine and they share my political views, but are not a political band. they in no way condone fascism or racism in their personal lives or musical career"