Monday, November 22, 2010

The Dead Musician - "Resist" (2007)


Year: 2007
Genre: Blackened Punk
Country: France
Label: Smell the Stench

Track List:
  1. A Lesson of WIllpower (DIY, die why?)
  2. Kill Yourself ( DIY or die)
  3. Like a Civil War (DIY, The world is mine)
  4. Resist (DIY and die)
  5. A Lesson of Liberty (DIY Open your eyes)

Thanks to Evrom for posting this release! Now I can delete it from my wishlist. Of course it's a raw home-made demo with not so good quality of sound, but I still like it. Just keep in mind it's blackened punk rather than black metal.

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  1. You're welcome, comrade ;-)
    Don't give up the fight !!!
    Hails from the woods,