Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Cloud Forest - "Through The Eyes Of The Ambivalent" (2010)

A CLOUD FOREST "Through The Eyes Of The Ambivalent"

Year: 2010 
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List: 

  1. The Pangs of Conscience
  2. Blessed With This Curse
  3. Cain (Tiamat cover)
  4. This Dying Heart
  5. The Black Still Of Night
  6. Coronach


A Cloud Forest, an anarchist black metal act from Arizona, finally released their first full-length album on Oct.31! Let me quote Eric from ACF:

"The album is officially released on Oct 31 but there are already a bunch of blogs that have already posted it up this morning so whenever you want to post it is cool. If people are interested in purchasing the album or whatever it will be available off the website, and is currently available for download off of for $3. There will also be physical CD copies for sale too but more than anything I just want it to get out there and have people be able to hear/experience it"

The archive contains all the music, inserts, lyrics and everything. Im my opinion, the quality of production was improved greatly since the release of the first demo... the only thing I really don't like about this release are the vocals. No offence, but it's really a huge letdown, so I'd advice Eric to find a better vocalist.

As for the music, it's quite good, with a certain influence of Cascadian BM and gothic metal. Especially the track "Cain" is much closer to gothic metal than to BM (no wonder, because this song was originally performed by Tiamat, and Tiamat is gothic metal... at least in 2000s. They're also pretty much pro-environment and leftist-friendly, judging from the interviews - though it isn't surprising for a band from Sweden).

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