Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reencarnación - "888 Metal" + "Acompáñame A La Tumba" (1998)

REENCARNACION "888 Metal" & "Acompáñame A La Tumba"

Year: 1988
Genre: Raw Black/Thrash Metal
Country: Colombia

Track List:
  1. Reencarnación (888 Metal)
  2. Nexus Universali-s
  3. Armageddon
  4. El Canto de los Sepulcros
  5. Puta Religión
  6. A la Diestra del Mesias
  7. Funeral del Norte
  8. Reencarnación (II Parte)
  9. Reencarnación (III Parte)
  10. Un Minuto de Vida y un Siglo de Muerte
  11. Acompáñame a la Tumba

Reencarnación is probably the first black metal act in Colombia, and one of the first BM bands influenced by anarchist ideology (though their lyrics are more anti-religious than political). "888 Metal" (and the subsequent EP "Acompáñame A La Tumba") is their first and most well-known release. During 90s they have released a couple of acoustic albums, but they reportedly are really shitty. Their last release "Más Hombres, Menos Estatuas" isn't that bad, but nothing special either - it's just generic thrash metal. As for "888 Metal", it sounds like very chaotic old-school black/thrash metal in the vein of Venom and N.M.E. Of course the quality of production is terrible, but remember it was self-produced and released in 80s...

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  1. Are you kidding? PARABELLUM was the first black metal act in Colombia, formed in 1981, recorded rehearsals in 1982 and 1983, and they have been granted big respect and a cult status.