Monday, September 6, 2010

Asmodeus Ex Machine - "Hell 2.0" (2008)


Year: 2008
Genre: "Cyber-Communistic Black Metal"
Country: Belarus

Track List:
  1. Anti-Copy-Christ

Well, now I'm finished with my "industrial" day, and from now I'll post BM and blackened crust. And let me start from a band, which played raw black metal, but with a strong "industrial" (or maybe "cyberpunk"?) flavour in both music and aesthetics.

Not much is known about Asmodeus Ex Machine, and I couln't find much info about them even in Russian. Anyway, AEM were a short-lived band (most likely a duo) from Minsk, Belarus, who labeled their music as "cyber-communistic black metal". Their only release is the one-song demo "Hell 2.0", recorded in 2008 (they apparently have recorded at least two more songs, but I couldn't find them anywhere). The name "Asmodeus Ex Machine" is an obvious pun on Deus ex machina, and "Anti-Copy-Christ" is a reference to anti-copyright. While using satanic and occult imagery, typical from BM bands, their main lyrical theme apparently was the freedom of information (which is more typical to cyberpunk). As for music, I'd rather call it raw blackened crust or grindcore than black metal... maybe because of vocals and drums. Not too bad for a first home-recorded demo, though.

Of course, free redistribution of this demo is welcomed, as the members of the band apparently are vehement supporters of informational freedom. Too sad they have released only one song, because AEM had one of the most original concepts ever. Strugge for informational freedom is at least as important as the traditional forms of resistance, especially in our time - call it "cyber-communism", infoanarchism, crypto-anarchism, or whatever you like.


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  2. Wow! I'm amazed that our project had such a warm review!

    From 1/2 part of the band i can report some news: currently we're on hold because the mastermind - our guitar/vocal player left the band.

    So now AeM is "on hold" status. I'm looking forward to purchase a guitar sooner or later and make some raw stuff by myself or with the occasional help.