Thursday, June 17, 2010

Contrast Attitude & Acrostix - split (2004)


Year: 2004
Genre: Crust / D-Beat (Contrast Attitude), Crust Metal / Stenchcore (Acrostix)
Country: Japan

Track List:

Contrast Attitude

  1. Negative Example
  2. Need Times
  3. Judgement of Cross
  4. Indirect Lecture
  1. Awave
  2. The Beginning or the End
  3. Eternal Winter

The Japanese band Acrostix is my most recent discovery and instant favourite. Their name is an obvious reference to Amebix, and I wouldn't hesitate to call them "japanese Amebix". Of course their music isn't black metal or blackened crust, but it's still very decent stenchcore/crust metal. Here's their split album with Contrast Attitude, who play very fast and noisy crust/d-beat. From the Acrostix' side, I love the track "Eternal Winter" - it's just epic one, clearly influenced by gothic/doom metal, and with lots of keyboards. Quite resembling some tracks from "Monolith" by Amebix, but more raw and powerful. Yes, their sound is very raw and fuzzy, but I like such kind of rawness...

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