Monday, May 31, 2010

Adamennon - "Il Rumore Della Rovina" (2007)

ADAMENNON "Il Rumore Della Rovina"

Year: 2007
Genre: Dark Ambient
Country: Italy

Track List:
  1. Esperienza Extrasensoriale
  2. Profano Sepolcro
  3. La Sottile Lama Del Proprio Essere
  4. Silenzio Nella Culla Dell'Agonia
  5. Conflitto Interiore
  6. Il Non Limite Nell'Illusione
  7. L'Ennesima Lacrima Solitaria
  8. Anestesifobia
  9. Lugubre Solitudine Volontaria

"Il Rumore Della Rovina" is the biggest work by Adamennon, who's an ex-member of anarcho-punk/grindcore/thrash metal band SSWIISSH!!, and also a member of several other experimental/ambient projects (Locomotor MortisHabitantibus In TerraTadmir Aor X). I've already posted some of his albums last year. Don't know if anybody of you liked them, 'cause it certainly isn't music for every crust/BM fan - it's pure dark ambient/noise. By the way, Adam himself is a supporter of RABM scene and eco-anarchist movement, and he's a very nice person (at least in my impression...)

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  1. At least I do love this kind of music! Kind of enjoy it even more than the crust oriented stuffy... I would like by the way to thank you for your great blog!