Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scatha & The Dagda - split 7'' (2002)

SCATHA / THE DAGDA "split 7''"

Year: 2002
Genre: Pagan Crust/Metal
Country: UK / Ireland
Label: Panoptic Vision /Crime Scene /Anonymous Recs

Track List:

  1. Rant
The Dagda
  1. And So I Rise

Perhaps Scotland is a cradle of Celtic pagan crust. Even as early as in mid-90s there were some bands in Scotland who combined pagan beliefs and anarchist ideology (Sedition & Disaffect, for example). This split EP is one of the finest examples of that kind of music. If you like it, I'd recommend "Before The Dust Settles" LP by Scatha and "An Endless Betrayal" LP by Dagda for you.


  1. is really funny how fast this scans are spread in the web:Whispy my blogmate scanned these in 8th of December '08 (the day the greek riots started)and forgot it in his HD for about a year, now they appear in several blogs(im not talking about you BK,i suggested you to post this in RABM)anyway this comment is not a matter of credit but to set some things clear:as far as i know the colors of the cover are black and white,this brown color is probably caused by the scanner settings or something.

  2. If im not mistaking The Dagda is irish. The Dagda is a very important god in irish mythology.