Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Last Rain - "Burn Me Tomorrow" (2009)

OUR LAST RAIN "Burn Me Tomorrow"

Year: 2009
Genre: Acoustic/Ambient
Country: Russia

Track List:
  1. Burn Me Tomorrow
  2. Whisper Of Distorted Mind

And finally, my newest discovery - an one-man ambient project from Russia, called Our Last Rain. Seems like it's somehow connected to crust and RABM bands such as (A)xidanc(E) and Crucified By The Sun, but the music isn't like any crust or metal at all: it's just ambient mix of nature sounds with some acoustic guitar parts, inspired by nature and winter. Of course, Our Last Rain holds anti-fascist and green anarchist beliefs.


Well, enough for today. Now I'm terribly tired with all of my work, and I already have posted here everything I wanted, so now is the best time to take some rest. Stay tuned!


  1. any chance on you posting his other demo? i cant figure out his link for it cos its in russian.

  2. This blog SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hail NSBM!

  3. Yes, I have his 2010 demo, and I'll post it today or maybe tomorrow.

  4. thanks a lot! ive tried his link to it a few times and just can not navigate the thing, or find an english link anywhere.

  5. http://cloudsofcancer.blogspot.com/2010/04/riotous-atomvinter-split.html - great political blackned crust