Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Dead Musician & Arcane XVII - split (2009)


Year: 2009
Genre: Black Metal (TDM) / Hip-Hop (Arcane XVII)
Country: France

Track List:

The Dead Musician
  1. Hate me, I'm so different
  2. Condemn me now
  3. Do you ask my cat if you can eat it?
  4. Your elite is nothing
  5. Diabolous life
Arcane XVII
  1. Le palais des sévices
  2. La souffrance
  3. Le vitriole
  4. Saturne
  5. (LES SANS NOMS): La boîte de kovak

There are many good anarcho-friendly black metal projects that come from France. I've already posted releases by Ravensdom, Chambre Froide, The Austrasian Goat, and I hope to post the debut release by Morgon in the near future. And right now, enjoy the latest release by The Dead Musician!

Although his early releases were a bit weak and sloppy recorded, I can't say this about the tracks on this split. The Dead Musician is continuing to play "free-style black metal", and nowadays his sound is very raw (in a good way) and powerful. Yes, it's highly influenced by old-school black/thrash metal, but it's highly innovative as well. And the lyrics prove that The Dead Musician isn't just another generic black metal project: their topics vary from explicit political protest ("Hate me, I'm so different") to animal liberation ("Do you ask my cat if you can eat it?") and the statements against pseudo-elitist black metal poser crap.

And when it comes to Arcane XVII's side, be prepared for a big surprise. First of all, it's hip-hop. Moreover, it's hip-hop of a very dark and gloomy kind, comparable to Necro or Immortal Technique. I don't know about what they're rapping (for me, French language always seemed to be ballbreakingly hard to learn), but looks like their lyrics are political.

Overall, this split is an unique release, and I highly recommend to check it out (if only you aren't a big hater of hip-hop and rap).