Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ewig Frost - "Blue Septime Winters" (2007)

EWIG FROST "Blue Septime Winters"

Year: 2007
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Country: Austria
Label: Ashen Productions

Track List:
  1. Landscapes Of Frost (The Dying Emotion)
  2. Army Of The Beast
  3. Throne Of Slaves
  4. Possessed
  5. Die Brut
  6. Twisted Blood
  7. Visions Of Black
  8. Blue Septime Winters (Blood Of Brothers)
  9. Warlust + Blue Septime Winters (live)

The first release by Ewig Frost (you already know them). Actually, this album isn't very good when compared to "Rust" EP, and the band themselves admit it. But if you like "Rust", you might find "Blue Septime Winters" worth listening too. And don't forget that Ewig Frost are very short of money after the release of "Rust", so it would be good to support them by purchasing that EP through their myspace...


  1. RABM forum is an excellent idea, i'm waiting for it.

  2. link is dead....can you re-upload please?

    1. Done.
      BTW it's funny how a lot of links on my blog were dead for months and no one seemed to notice, but a lot of broken link reports started to come in right when I'm actively re-uploading a lot of stuff. Hopefully I'll finish with that within the next couple of days.