Sunday, February 28, 2010

Black Kronstadt - "The Free Spirit" (1996)


Year: 1996
Genre: Crust/Hardcore, Blackened Crust
Country: Canada
Label: Mind Control

Track List:
  1. Lament For The Makers Of Song (On A Poem By Kenneth Patchen)
  2. Generation Useless
  3. Spoken Interlude 1
  4. Spoken Interlude 2
  5. I.M.F. (International Murder Fund)
  6. News To You
  7. N.A.F.T.A. (North American Slave Trade Agreement)
  8. Everything Is Political War
  9. Atom Nuclei
  10. Arms Change Hands
  11. Scenes From Gustafsen Lake
  12. Paranoid Delusions
  13. Outro

This LP is the latest release by Black Kronstadt. The band broke up in 1997, and one of their former members formed Iskra in 2002. Obviously their music was way too experimental for the mid-90's crust/hardcore scene, but now we can see them as a founders of a whole "blackened crust" subgenre.

"The Free Spirit" remains highly underrated even for today. Not only it's far from typical 90's crust - it has some industrial overtones due to extensive use of sampling, and song structures which remind me of early industrial rock bands like Godflesh. The lyrical content on this album remains overtly political, of course. This is certainly an underrated album, and not everyone will like it even in our days... but I like it.


  1. Fantastic stuff. Any chance you could scan the lyrics/inserts?

  2. Could you re-up this one please? That would be great...