Thursday, February 25, 2010

Aztra - "Raices" (2007)

AZTRA "Raices"

Year: 2007
Genre: Heavy/Folk Metal
Country: Ecuador

Track List:
  1. Prólogo
  2. El Camino del Sol
  3. Las Cuatro Partes de Este Mundo
  4. Dinastía Entre las Nubes
  5. Lamento
  6. Gritos de Guerra
  7. Amor Bajo el Sol
  8. Un Largo Andar
  9. Lago de Sangre
  10. Alma de Jaguar
  11. Sin Empezar

An epic heavy/folk metal band Aztra is here again, with their 3rd album "Raices" (which means "Roots", I believe). This album, in my opinion, is significantly better than "Insurgente". Maybe it's not an excellent release, but it's definitely very good for any fan of melodic heavy metal. Check out the track "Lago de Sangre", one of the best songs by Aztra. I can't understand much of the lyrics, but they're apparently based on the folklore of indigenous American people, and they're encouraging to fight for freedom. The vocals on this album are male, and their current singer is a good one.

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