Friday, February 12, 2010

Antichrist - "The Blind" + s/t 7'' (1998)

ANTICHRIST "The Blind" (+ s/t 7'')

Year: 1998
Genre: Crust
Country: Poland

Track List:
  1. "Generation next"
  2. 11.09.98 Bytom
  3. Codziennie na ulicy
  4. Wszyscy odpowiedzialni
  5. Jej prawo
  6. Ślepi
  7. Plastikowe kule
  8. Choroba skуry
  9. Wciąż to samo
  10. Na marginesie
  11. Nie ma ucieczki
  12. Wyjście
  13. Pomyіka
  14. Ten kraj
  15. Deklaracja
  16. System
  17. Bez zіudzeс

If you're interested in early releases by Antichrist, then these tracks are for you. Of course it's not black metal, it's punk/crust (no wonder, 'cause it was recorded in 90s, when crust wasn't so "blackened"), but it's very decent crust. It's also a relatively rare and hard-to-find release.


  1. Is it possible to get the contact of Antichrist? I know they're not active anymore, but i've been looking for the record for ages and cant find it. I do have their split Dysmorfofobia.

    1. Well, I have reuploaded all of their albums, but I have no idea where to get their contacts. That's all I could find:

      "Formed in late 90s by ex-guitar player from AMEN, released 1 album and 4 EPs. Line-up was: Filip - vocals, Pawel - guitar, Igor - bass, Darek - drums. Filip and Pawel are in THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL now (Filip also in SILENCE) and Darek plays for PEOPLE HATE"